OFF WE GO, salam aleikum!

So we leave again this happy hill in the centre of Italy in search of wider horizons, and this invisible dialogue between us starts up again. Four years older and with our truck rebuilt and restored we head again for Asia to pick up on the many things and places we somehow missed on or last trip . Our route is loosely planned and open, oscillating around 4 fixed points:
Pakistan to visit the family, Northern India for part of our filming project, Nepal for a one month trek in the Everest region and Mongolia probably in the summer of 2017.
This time the blog will be written by four different hands. My apathy has unexpectedly and rather joyfully inspired the rest of the family to take over. I will write in English and the rest of the family in Italian.The timing of our posts will probably be erratic so if you want updates you can ‘follow’ the blog and be updated every time we post.  So here goes…

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The most confused, disorderly and uninspiring departure we ever made. Undecided whether to leave in modest silence or with fanfares and jingles, engrossed in a liturgy of endless ‘things to do’ heads bowed over growing lists, we definitely missed the mark. Unable to decide whether to adhere to the categoric Italian  superstition where one should never leave on Friday or Tuesday, our loading activities finally ceased on Thursday night after a frenzy of activity, leaving us exhausted. Our saving grace an improvised breakfast with Luca’s mother and brother on Friday morning, where ominously the lights in our chosen bar went out along with the coffee machines and the possibility of a last Italian cappuccino.

The ritualistic mental preparation got the upper hand and suffocated the bitter sweet joy of departure..and yet, just one and a half hours down the road, our trip has begun. At the port of Ancona, we decide not to take todays ship, but to postpone until tomorrow and to sail with the same ship that heroically brought us home 3 years ago after 22 months on the road. The symmetry is pleasing and sets the tone for a sweet departure. Symbols ,signs, finding order in the universe of possibilities and harmony in our choices, silently guide  our movements. This time the horizon of our return is set far ahead. We have no impelling  need to come back, the ultimate official obstacle has  been overcome, and it is now almost 2 years that we have been joyfully home schooling our children. I can see no better way to integrate their learning experience than letting them be part of the world that surrounds them.


Io sono in Grecia, e vi racconto di quando ero in Douz (Tunisia)

Io stavo giocando con Lanis che lei mi doveva acchiappare. Io stavo gattonando vicino ad una palma e una spina mi è entrata nel dito , e sono andato all’ospedale e quando sono tornato al camion, Lanis e Lilas e Lusira mi avevano comprato un po’ di cioccolato, e ho diviso il cioccolato e siamo andati a dormire.Nello stesso inverno abbiamo salvato un cammello però questa storia ve la racconto un’ altra volta

ciao ciao a tutti voi



Alla fine siamo partiti, il traghetto ci ha trasportato senza accorgerci in Grecia. Pioggia e sole si alternano rapidissimi ,il mare blu intenso è calma nella baia, e Giulio e Lusira tentano di superare il freddo del ‘acqua di Aprile.La costa è frastagliata e le isole punteggiano questo tratto di ionio, con la macchia mediterranea in piena fioritura che riempie l’aria con il suo profumo selvatico. E’ il compleanno di Lusira e come promesso ci accampiamo in una piccola baia che guarda Itaca, il villaggio è in piena attività, tutti tagliano ,riparano e riverniciano ciò che l’inverno ha danneggiato.

In questi primi giorni di viaggio il tempo sembra non scorrere veloce, ed io lentamente mi sto riabituando ai ritmi del viaggio, ai movimenti misurati nello spazio contratto del camion.Cerco di concentrarmi sul nuovo film, dare ossigeno all’idea embrionale che da tempo mi galleggia in testa ma senza grossi risultati…..arriverà di sicuro al momento giusto l’ispirazione e lo stimolo ad iniziare, a raccogliere quelle immagini prima confuse e caotiche che  poi si trasformeranno in un racconto.


Grecia 17.04.2016

Ieri siamo andati al mare. Io e Giulio abbiamo salvato le meduse. Quelle con le teste rosse sono ancora vive invece quelle con le teste bianche e dure sono quasi morte e quelle con la testa morbida e bianche sono completamente morte. Giulio dice che e meglio bruciarsi che farle morire, anch’io sono d’accordo

lus 2lus 1lus 3lus 4




9 responses

  1. Congrats guys – have a great time!!!

    Still in Cape Town after our Africa trip that ended in 2011 and built a software consulting business from scratch – which makes crossing the Congo seem like a piece of cake 😉 !

    We hunger for the road and have plans for a truck (Unimog or similar) but no kids, so early retirement hopefully and off grid living for us is the main plan…… you inspired us to venture onwards THANKS !!

    Cant wait to see the posts – good luck and safe travels to you and all the family

    Nick & Vicki

    26/04/2016 at 7:26 pm

    • sameena

      Thank you, nice to hear from you again. So there is some chance of meeting on the road someday and sometime. Keep in touch

      29/04/2016 at 11:24 am

  2. Thomas Wahl

    Hi you all and salam aleikum! I just was thinking of you because today i als driving all the way from Ancona to Bari with my truck! I’ m on the way to Istanbul to meet my wife there – for our planed trip to Iran and the Stans the next 5 months. Where are you heading now ? I would be pleased to meet you somewhere. Even if we don’t know each other 😉

    Best regards Thomas


    26/04/2016 at 9:54 pm

  3. Steve and Michele

    Wishing you all a safe and very happy time travelling again. It was so good to see you all last year. Will make google translate work hard to follow your blog!
    Steve and Michele

    27/04/2016 at 12:05 pm

    • sameena

      Thanks, we’ll try and be in touch on skype in the next days, big hugs to you both from us all

      29/04/2016 at 11:14 am

  4. Andreas

    I wish you all a marvellous journey!
    May the gods protect you!
    May the horizon never ends!
    Ciao from Hamburg/Germany

    28/04/2016 at 6:55 am

    • sameena

      Thank you, for the kind words

      01/05/2016 at 11:22 am

  5. Roberta

    Vi abbiamo trovato! Adesso vi seguiremo dal vostro blog! sono Federico sento la vostra mancanza. Adesso dove siete? State tutti bene? Un abbraccio a tutti e soprattutto a Giulio e Lusira

    04/05/2016 at 10:03 pm

    • Lusira

      sono Lusira siamo in Grecia.sto segui il blog ci sarà una sorpresa che non immagineresti mai

      05/05/2016 at 3:41 pm

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