WHY??? living in a beautiful farm house in Umbria, surrounded by olives in an idilic setting, in a country with (still) free healthcare, play schools, cinemas and much more … why trade it in for a dusty, 4 square meter living space with 2 little, often screaming kids

…..Freedom, turn right, turn left, go straight, stop. Simplicity ,what toothpaste to buy?the one in the shop,what clothes to wear? the clean ones etc, Time, to think, to be, to breath. Time to really be with my children and husband, and of course my self. Curiosity, what’s every one doing?  Are there any beautiful lakes in Angola? What does a child from Kazakistan dream about ….Most of all to meet people with different minds,priorities, ideas, and logic, and to challenge ones own.

In a world with ever more information (but often not the right information) where globalisation, instead of opening our horizons, often provokes feelings of closure,  suspicion and mistrust….. ours is a humble attempt to show simple realities that may help restore a litle faith in humankind; where hospitality, kindness, curiosity and exchange are the rule and not the exception.