These are the two possible routes we are considering, we will see as we get into Egypt which is the best option for us. We would like to visit Sudan, so even if we decide to take the northern route, we may have a diversion into Sudan anyway…time will tell.

Well, time has told..and none of the two route  options has been taken, but a rather tortuous muddled route, avoiding revolutions and chasing visas…

So far the route has been: Italy- Tunisia- Libia- Tunisia- Italy- Greece- Turkey- Syria- Jordan- Egypt…..

Time for route update….Egypt- Sudan- Ethiopia-Kenya- Ethiopia- Djibuti……..India if the ship arrives!!

The ship did (after 6 long weeks) So to continue: India -Nepal- India – Pakistan- China- Kyrgikistan-  Kazakistan- Russia- Ukraine- Moldavia- Romania- Bulgaria- Greece …….Italy