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Just a quick update while it’s possible..

Three weeks into the trip and it seems more like three months. Time has that wonderfull elastic effect, and we seem to be gaining back the time we missed in the last month of preparations. The step over from house to truck has come about  with extreme ease (maybe even to much!) and our new routine is as natural as our previous one. The desert has had that liberating effect on all of us…free movements and thoughts, and we are generally ‘a very happy family’ at the moment.

Christmas too has come and gone without too much fuss (incredible!!) Simple , easy and calm….and yes Father Christmas did it again, all that way with his tired reindeers through the icy dunes, just for his two favorite little children.

We are now in Douz, parked under the Moazin at our friend Abdallah’s house ,ready for our ‘non’ celebration of the New Year (experience has told me that we will never make it to twelve o’clock, but we will turn our watches back three hours and drink a good glass of wine to everybodies health) At the moment the  days are punctuated by the  call for prayers and as ever the warm hospitality from Abdallahs family…cous cous (hot, hot….says Giulio) home made bread and tea religiously made on hot wood embers and not gas. Here certain rituals have been brushed aside, but not all, and the family is always ready to pack up a few provisions and take the goats and themselves out to the desert for a bit of ‘calm’

In a few days we will be heading for Libya and another full immersion into the Sahara with our German friends in their two trucks, so no internet until next month,so a big hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and thank you for the many messages…i must finish as  I have just been solemnly invited for a ceremonial tea by Lusira who has just married Giulio (bouquet and all).. Yes the impossible has happened, and so much time spent together has made them an inseperable pair.