We will be travelling aboard a 4×4 IVECO acm 80, that has been our companion for many years of travel. It was an ex-military truck, bought from a junkyard and adapted and transformed through the years to our specific needs. It provides us with a clean environment for our equipment and of course a travelling home for us and our children. We have found that with small children, sleeping in the same environment ,with their own bed and little house, is a stabilizing influence and makes the constantly changing surroundings more enjoyable. We are very keen on getting of the main routes and exploring small tracks that often lead to smaller less populated areas that can offer  different realities.

Our filming and photographic equipment is composed of two HD high definition professional video cameras ,and two digital reflex cameras ( canon and pentax) with various lenses.The audio will be in direct or in certain cases recorded apart with a DAT recorder. Apart from two tripods (Vinten, Libec) we also have a steady cam for images in movement. We will be using mostly natural lighting, and filming with discretion, giving priority to spontaneous shots.With a special eye on the  children some shots will be filmed from a low angle  to try and convey some of the impressions and emotions they may experience, trying where possible to imagine  what interests and catches their attention.

Past Documentaries

Mongolia ‘La terra delle aquile e degli sciamani’ (Land of eagles and shamans) 25 minutes, transmitted in 2000 by Rai, 2004 by Mediaset
La Via della seta (the Silk Route) 3×25 minutes co-produced with Tele+
Sulle strade della Siberia (on the road to Siberia) 20 minutes transmited by the RAI in 2001
Sguardi nel Sahara (a sight into the Sahara) 20 minutes, transmited in 2003 by RAI and in2005 by TSI Svizzera
Meteoriti e crateri (Meteorites and Craters) 25 minutes, transmited in2005 by TSI Svizzera
Namibia, terra di contrasti (Namibia land of contrasts) 25 minutes by TSI Svizzera in 2007

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