Italia che cambia…intervista

Come sarebbe il mondo se imparare fosse divertente e non percepito come un obbligo? E se ciascun bambino potesse seguire il proprio percorso di apprendimento senza pressioni? Esistono metodi diversi da quelli tradizionali per insegnare ai bambini e accompagnali verso la scoperta del proprio potenziale?

Queste sono alcune delle riflessioni suggerite da Beautiful Learning, documentario (di cui ho avuto il piacere di vederne un estratto in anteprima) realizzato dalla coppia italo-pakistana formata da Luca Vagniluca e Sameena Hassan. Partiti dall’Umbria, insieme ai loro figli Lusira e Giulio hanno attraversato Grecia, Turchia, Iran, Pakistan, India e Nepal a bordo di un camion 4×4 Iveco che è stato anche la loro casa per lunghi period…….


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  1. fiamma

    bellissimo !!l avevo già letto l’articolo!!come state?si prevede un altro bel periodino e già …un abbraccio forte a tutti voi !

    Inviato da iPhone


    16/10/2020 at 7:41 pm

  2. Thomas

    Dear Lusira, dear Luca!
    good to hear from you again after such a long time! Your experience with homeschooling is very interesting (we send our children to a Steiner School in Germany) and I would like to watch documentary: where is it available to view? Probably only in italian? 😉
    My warm regards to you all and hopefully we will meet us on the next Zugvogelfest with Diana and Wolfgang!

    23/10/2020 at 12:41 pm

  3. didier verfaillie

    Hello, here the Belgians Ingrid and Didier. We met in Greece in 2016. Recently took another look at your blog. Everyone has changed and the dog has grown so. It was good to see you again on the video. Simply beautiful and powerful photos. Hopefully you are fine. We have been trapped in Marocco from March to jJune this year because of the covid-19. Everything was locked and we could not leave the campground for 3 months.Precisely to do some shopping we were allowed to leave the campsite. But we were an o good campground and made the most of it. There were 3 other Belgians with us. We are back from 15 june. Here with us everyone is still in good health.
    Hopefully we will meat again someday. Many greetings Ingrid and Didier.

    14/11/2020 at 3:43 pm

    • Hello,yes we remember you…time runs and the children don’t want to stop growing. I had heard about Marocco,it must have been very frustrating. We too got stuck in Nepal on the last trip and ended up having to ship our truck back home, moving is becoming more and more complicated….We are just finishing a new documentary now about the process of learning, but it seems to be a sensitive issue at the moment!! We are all in good health trying as always to see our half glass as full rather than empty. Greetings from us all Sameena Luca Lusira and Giulio

      16/11/2020 at 12:20 pm

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